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Welcome to California Emergency Services RP

Are you interested in becoming a Law Enforcement Officer? You can start by submitting the Member Application. Once your application has been approved visit our Teams page to join a department now. Don't want to become a LEO but want to continue playing on CESRP Server, you can always remain as a civilian and enjoy the house buying, vehicle modification, and much much more. Don't forget to sign up on our CAD.

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Just a little Update
Beginning September 1, 2020 we will be releasing Stage 1 for all Department. What dose this mean? well all departments will now be having their own assigned uniforms, and vehicles base off ranks. We will also be releasing a patrol location where all units will be assigned to a patrol zone. With this we will be able to have all of our Department Units spread out and protecting the City and County of San Andreas. Later this month we will be making some major updates to our Discord, Website, and Server. We will keep you all updated on what's coming or what's changing. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

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